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Learn 2 Play K-3 Program


The Player’s Edge L2P Mission is to develop the skills, mindset, and interest for basketball as the camp helps players explore the game.

The Player’s Edge has been training youngsters the means by which to grow as a basketball player. The Learn2Play (L2P) program begins the process teaching the kids the basic tenets of the game specifically ball handling and enhances the footwork and hand-eye coordination to assist the child’s development.

The Player’s Edge other mission is to create an action-packed learning environment where there is no mistakes or failure just exploration and learning. Our program is developed to teach youngsters the effort necessary to learn skills. This process can be tedious and we know that hence we want these kids to be moving and learning through action.

Our program will begin the process of teaching life skills such as listening, adapting, persistence, determination, sportsmanship, discipline and effort to achieve the early stages of mastering a technique or skill.  Fun will be a part of our program in different ways as we show the kids positive passionate skill sessions.




5 Key Ingredients to our Skills Program:

1. Teach ball handling - The fundamental of handling the basketball with many different ways of dribbling. Dribbling in one place, dribbling on the move, low dribbling, power dribbling. Skills necessary to move the ball off the dribble. This skill will be the majority of the program for the K- 1 group in our Learn2Play Program. 

2. Teach Shooting Mechanics – Develop the basic footwork and solid base for a good shot. Lay ups will be taught. Basket is lowered to enhance better shot mechanics for Kindergarten and first graders and gradually work it up for second and third graders. Emphasis on dominant hand shot placement. This skill will be taught in the last few weeks for the K- 1 program. Will be part of the weekly program 2-3rd grade group.

3. Teach Footwork , and hand eye coordination for basketball – Players will get repetitions in the footwork essentials aka. Pivots and attack footwork to drive to the basket. Understand the basic cuts without the ball to get into scoring position. Understand the importance of the dribble in the game. Teach the basic passes- chest, and bounce passes with different variations. Significant amount of handling the basketball will be a part of this program

4. Create Active Learning with emphasis on offensive and defensive fundamentals to learn the basic tenets for the fundamentals of basketball. Defensive basic principles will be taught on the ball and off the ball defense.

5. Create an enthusiasm for basketball in the most comprehensive introductory program. Each youngster learns in many different ways and we value the opportunity -challenge to create that enthusiasm.




February 4th - March 18th

South Fayette Middle School

6 Sundays not consecutive

February 4,11,25

March 4, 11, 18

Kindergarten through  3rd grade

K-2nd      (11:15am-12:30pm)  

Boys and Girls welcomed to our program


$ 60 per player for individual registration

- Family of 2 - $55 per player ($110 total)

- Family of 3 - $50 per player ($150 total)


Please print out the flyer below and fill it out regardless of online registration. 


Our philosophy is that each player has potential

– as a player and person 


Our mission is to help each individual maximize their potential by developing the skills necessary to be successful.


Active Learning Time equals significant reps.


Emphasis on developmental skill training with emphasis on basketball FUNdamentals and game situations.


A Complete Program. All our Programs  actively challenge and develop your skills and mindset preparing players for all backgrounds -Travel, School, AAU, and Recreation teams. 


Our Fall Prep Program allows the Fall Sport Athletes to work on their basketball skills away from organized team activities


Your youngsters will develop playing skills and learn how to play basketball getting that "Edge" - sign them up now to The Players Edge Program

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