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Coaching Basketball in 2015


Requirements: Ability to balance life well: negotiation - communication -motivational skills; financially stabile; LOVE the game



The ability to coach any sport such as basketball requires the ability to be selfless and someone who can open the gym four to five days a week in the offseason; who can get their players to believe in their program enough to give of themselves hopefully more than fifty percent for they will be playing AAU basketball, working, or a very good athlete asked to choose where they should be.  For example many coaches tugging for their time.


The demands of learning the game of basketball has taken on many challenges more now than ever. The skills require practice, practice, and more practice.  Consistency and patience to learn these skills take time.  Can I shoot shots, dribble a basketball or get on a video game and get instant gratification with minimal perspiration.  Some kids take the plunge, feel the spark and develop a love for the game while others who have potential do not.  The challenge is to get into as many kids as we can to pass along the passion for basketball. 


The Coaches page is an area for discussion in improving practice plans, teaching different drills to enhance development and help with seeing the true values of why coaching basketball can be fulfilling.


Please contact me and provide me with your thoughts any time on any subjects.  Subjects very dear to you.  Let's hear from you.

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