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December 17, 2010

Thank you Coach Scott Lang


On Friday December 10, 2010 a very dear friend of mine and The Player's Edge died suddenly doing what he loved to do.  Scott Lang was a very close friend who would do anything for our program and was instrumental in providing us the opportunity to do our program at La Roche College.   Scott loved basketball and La Roche College, and felt our program was worthy to be administered at his facility.

Scott and I would talk about life, family and basketball.  He truly was unselfish and a man of great character and values.  I am personally going to miss him a great deal.  His friendship means alot to me.

Our programs are built on providing great instruction knowing each of us has the potential to be the best we can be.  Scott Lang was a role model and mentor in that regard.  The Players Edge is forever grateful for what Coach Lang has provided us and will continue to push the ideals and values that he always appreciated.

I will miss you Scott.  Thank you again and I hope that we can continue what we have built over these past 18 years together.  Know this.  It will be difficult without you.

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