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Skill Development- Hot Topic

With the three point shot becoming more popular at all levels- spring and summer leagues, 3 on 3 and the summer basketball camps going on - thought it might be a good time to talk about skill development with your youngsters.

The three point shot has really changed the game of basketball . Now teams are spreading the floor and getting great shots through dribble penetration. More players are working on their games and parents are seeking better ways to get their kids an " edge' in skill acquisition especially with dribble penetration and shooting skills.

Skills require repetition and motor programming. The programs you should be looking at for your youngsters should work first on technical skills than reactionary skills. The technical skills need to be stationary - and dynamic ball handling drills - progressing to dribble movers and counters.

Shooting should be working on footwork and proper form that practiced enough will allow for greater consistency. Working on the interior and progressing further out on the perimeter with consistency should be emphasized. Having a shooting routine first than a volume of shot makes to misses in all areas of the court should follow. Demand concentration and improvement in this area otherwise inconsistencies will be the norm.

Teaching movement without the ball and the relationship of teammates with screening and spacing the floor should be taught and practiced.

Both moves and their counters need to be taught and practiced to allow for reactionary responses. After teaching the technical skills- and movement without the ball - with the ball than practicing reactions to the defender using the skills will need to be done.

This is our Player's Edge Programming. I have studied all the great skill development coaches and have looked at theories for skill development and find that this blueprint will get the results you pay for and want for your kids. So look for our programming and as always we appreciate the opportunity to help them improve and reach their basketball dreams..