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Six Ideas To Help Players Get Better in the Off Season.

As we hit July, I have been reminiscing about the summer basketball camp circuit and the comments " Basketball players are made in the off season!"

With that thought I have 6 ideas that will help you become a better player in this off -season.

1. Self evaluation - Accummulate the information from what your coaches have instructed you or told you in practice and meetings. Remember the times you felt uncomfortable on the court and create a list of 3 skills you want to improve. Write them down and place them on your dresser.

2. 30 minutes per day that is all it takes to work on a skill or two. Pick one to two skills per workout. Work as hard as you can and as fast as you can practicing that skill. 30 minutes of game speed intense workout will get you better.

3. BE uncomfortable - means you have not mastered the action or skill and need to. Take the time to work on that particular skill to improve your efficiency. ( Weak hand dribble, lay - up; coming off an inside pivot- back pivot etc.) Now is the time to do that. On your own work at it.

4. Use a timer - get a kitchen timer or a stop watch app on your phone or ipad and time yourself for 30 seconds working on a ball handling skill. Record how many repetitions you can complete. Take a minute or two and work on the skill of shooting. Do a few shooting drills and a few 30 second tasks within the 30 minute workout.

5. Work from the inside - out ! Start with your short game , lay ups- bank shots, finishing shots, and work your way out to longer perimeter shots.

6. Every workout must include single arm and ready shots! Start 2 feet from the basket. Include 3 to 5 sessions of 2 minutes each task in each workout to improve muscle memory and rhythm of your shot.

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