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Preparing for the End in Mind

At the beginning of every basketball season, each coach looks at their personnel and creates a plan. If you are a coach who cannot recruit players, than you look at who you have coming back and the underclassman.

How many coaches think about the end in mind? I believe as coaches we need to be effective and that starts with planning. All best laid plans may not fall our way but I think the characteristics of a coach who prepares for the end in mind are:

1. Proactive thinker

2. Prepares hard and everything

3. Meticulous organizer

4. Remembers the little things

5. Creates an atmosphere of accountability

6. Thinks WE not ME

7. Seeks understanding from the players

8. Looks for the positive.

9. Teaches when the negative comes into play

10. Understands who he/she is and what he/she can offer

When coaching think of what it is you have and where you realistically can go. Do any or all of these characteristics fit you. Hope most of them do!!!

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