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No hands bar on defense

This season the rules have changed on defense. No more can you use your hands when you are beaten. The physical nature of playing defense is now being strictly watched and observed. No gray area when it comes to defensive hand checking as a foul. If the official can see your hand on the offensive player than it will be called. No doubt.

The result thus far are much more fouls called and bonus as well as double bonus coming quickly and having a role on the games. More free throws are being attempted as a result.

What can I do for my team. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Embrace the new rule it is not going anywhere.

2. Teach you kids the rule and review that rule on a daily basis. Knowledge is power.

3. Create drills that teach better body balance and reactionary movement under control.

4. Find ways to eliminate the habit of reaching by putting the hands close to their own body or using objects to hold onto instead of reaching for the offensive player.

5. Better conditioning for your athletes.

6. Practice foul shots more.

I believe the more we can do to improve quickness and reactionary quickness, the more success your players will feel when defending. Encourage your players to communicate if they are frustrated and need confirmation to improve and do better!

Good luck and keep working to be positive, passionate and persistent in your teachings and coaching.

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