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FAQ's About The Player's Edge Programs

I received an email this week with questions regarding The Player's Edge Programs. I have decided to provide the answers that I gave to her here in our blog.

Q :What makes your program(The Player's Edge) different from other programs?

A: Our program was and is the first of it's kind. Started in 1994, our weekly program has helped advance the skills and enthusiasm for the game of basketball to the Top WPIAL scorer to the youngster who just made her first travel team. Energy, effort and enthusiasm is the very fabric of our program. Our focus is one thing and one thing only, to provide each player the opportunity to learn the game of basketball. Our program is organized and requires action to occur. We try to keep idleness to a minimum and repetitions for skill development at a maximum.

Q: What is a typical session like for a 6th Grader, and /or a 9th Grader ?

A: Each participant will have a ball in their hand and work through group and station formats to improve on the fundamentals of passing, dribbling, shooting, footwork-movement, rebounding, defense and conditioning. We have two sessions one for 3-8th Graders and one that is more advanced for 9th-12th graders. Each session covers the seven fundamentals but the teaching will be different and degree of difficulty will lend itself to differentiating the two sessions. Simple to complex and deliberate to reaction based programming .

I am always working to develop a better program for The Player's Edge. Any comments or questions please contact me through our website.

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