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Coming Home!!

Where were you when LeBron made "The Decision"? We often can remember where we were when bad things - tragic events occur. I don't think I need to mention any of them. But I was at work and went outside my office to see people watching ESPN and learning as I did that LeBron James was returning to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. The good news is that all is back where it should be with LeBron returning to Cleveland. He wanted to see how the other side lived outside his hometown and he wanted to win championships as soon as he could. What is funny is that He probably could continue to be very close in Miami in winning or playing for Championships. However the bond and pull from his roots tugged hard enough for him to realize that relationships are important and that those relationships are stronger than any trophy. Mind you if he wins the Championship in Cleveland, it would be a very big deal for LaBron and for Cleveland. Bigger than another title in Miami for obvious reasons. This story feels soooooo good. I am happy for LeBron, Cleveland and the NBA.

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