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I got to look at my son's yearbook he received this week and I kept seeing an acronym H.A.G.S. which means "Have A Great Summer". It was everywhere in his autographs from fourth and fifth grade friends. Talk about short and to the point. That acronym got me to thinking about what the new generation is up to and thinking. Everything is quick and short. Not too much wasted on phrases these days.

Same thing could be said about becoming a player. Taking the TIME to work on your game has no acronym. Playing more games (AAU) or practicing once a week does not make the cut. Getting down and dirty , grinding out skills that take TIME and needs to be repetitious is what the summer days and/or nights is all about.

How many "players" have the discipline , and TIME to get better. One saying when I was growing up was that players were made in the offseason. Each of us had the same TIME and what we did with it created the opportunity for our success. Some of my friends enjoyed the TIME sitting at the pool while some of us used the pool as a reward once our TIME was spent working on getting better.

So to all of my players out there - Have a Great Summer and take the time to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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