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Mind Body Fitness Camp for "E"-Athletes



This program has been tailored directly towards our youth who have been spending an increasing amount of time playing video games and spending time on their electronics. Sign up your child today!


Benefits of this form of exercise are purported to include improved flexibility and balance as well as muscle strength, and increased overall flexibility and mobility in joints. Mind/body exercise is an excellent way to observe gains in your fitness level as well as your mental health.


What will each participant receive? 

  • Active range of motion/postural training

  • General Warm Up

  • Coordination and balance training

  • Strength training and proper techniques

  • Game play

  • No mistakes! No pressure! Just exercise


Come in and help build a stronger body and stronger mind. Our environment is challenging and fun without the pressure.





September 17 - October 29

Southpointe Courthouse

7 Thursdays

4th grade to 6th grade

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Boys and Girls


$170 per player for individual registration

- Family of 2 - $145 per player ($290 total)

- Family of 3 - $120 per player ($360 total)


Drop-In Rates: $30.00 per session


This program is specialized for those who play electronics as sport.


Computer games and video games have become increasingly popular and it's important to remember that a strong body helps build a strong mind.

Camp Flyer

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