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Player's Edge Camps

Q: How does a player who is 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds walk onto a Division One Basketball Program in one of the toughest leagues in the country and get rewarded with a basketball scholarship?


A: By working on the fundamentals, listening to mentors with good instruction, and putting the extra time in such as Sundays. I was lucky (Opportunity + Preparation) and fortunate to have the ability to do just that and be a part of teams that won two Big East Championships and provided many memorable moments at the University of Pittsburgh.



The Players Edge and our other skill programs are programs that I developed full of passion and energy for the game that I love to play, practice and coach. Our programs are a reflection of me with active learning; no idle time, and good work. Providing each youngster a ball and the means to put the ball where it belongs in the proper hands or basket.


We have touched over 3000 youngsters teaching them the practice skills to become better players.


Why The Players Edge Fall Program and our other Clinics / Camps!


Our Philosophy is that each player has potential - as a player and person.

(No one thought I was tall enough or good enough to play but my work ethic and practice habits made believers!!!)


Our Mission is to provide a proven interactive and innovative approach to help players maximize their basketball skills at all levels and grades both boys and girls.

(We have established active experiences and coaching methods to get the most out of the players in a very short amount of time. Players learn while performing and making the mistakes necessary to learn. We have seen them all and know how to respond.)



Emphasis is on Active Learning of the Fundamentals that will actively challenge and help develop the skills of basketball preparing the players for their travel, school or recreational teams.

( We have received many testimonials regarding the improvement and the ability of those who have participated in our program the opportunity to succeed on their respective teams because of the practice habits developed )


Our program allows the Fall Sports Athletes the ability to work on their basketball skills like I did on Sunday mornings back in Altoona Pennsylvania during the fall sport season while I was playing junior and senior high football.


Terrific Staff of current and former college players, middle and high school coaches who have the same passion, knowledge, and love of the game to develop young players!

Coaches such as Mike Brodnick, Dan Slain, Leah Killeen, Bob Rak, Ben Hinton, Nathan Paige, and many others who have participated.

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Starting Sunday, January 15


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