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Learn 2 Play - Lil Tots Program



5 areas of Development with Sports Exploration built into the program. Teaching youngsters these five components making sure the sessions are fun and full of exploration.


1. Warm up

Using functional movements (running) and exploring movements such as bear crawls, skipping and learning to prepare the body for fitness and sport participation

2. Object movement

Explore the use of balls and other objects catching a ball; bouncing a ball; shooting balls into a target

3. Motor Coordination

Exploring arm and leg movements and how they can work to improve movement                 

4. Strength and movement

Body weight movements such as proper squatting techniques

5. Game Exploration

Teaching teamwork, sportsmanship and rules of play to allow kids to explore different games.


The Player’s Edge Lil Tots Program’s mission is to assist and help drive the curiosity of movement and with that movement some exposure into games, and sportsmanship.





September 1 - October 1

Southpointe Courthouse

2 Sessions a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

3 to 6 years old

3 & 4 year olds (10:00-10:50am)  |  5 & 6 year olds (11:00-11:50am)

Boys and Girls


$80 per player for individual registration

- Family of 2 - $75 per player ($150 total)

- Family of 3 - $73 per player ($220 total)

- Family of 4 - $72.50 per player ($290)


Drop-In Rates: $25.00 per session

Camp Flyer

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Our philosophy is that each player has potential

– as a player and person 


Our mission is to help each individual maximize their potential by developing the skills necessary to be successful.


Active Learning Time equals significant reps.


Emphasis on developmental skill training with emphasis on basketball FUNdamentals and game situations.


A Complete Program. A program that will actively challenge and develop your skills and mindset preparing players for Travel, School, AAU, and Recreation teams. 


Allows the Fall Sport Athletes to work on their basketball skills away from organized team activities


Your youngsters will develop playing skills - sign them up now to The Players Edge Program

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