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What We Do

Our objective is to do our best to provide a website of information, drills and services for players, coaches, and parents in developing the fundamental skills necessary in sports specifically the game of basketball. Our goal is to provide information that will help give  players, coaches and parents "an Edge" in their sports  careers with our camps, and clinics emphasizing our active learning programming in the fundamentals, body awareness, footwork,and conditioning. Our online content will focus on the mental game, fundamental drills, footwork, strength - conditioning and injury prevention. Here is what you get!

For the Player


In a time when getting things done quickly is not out of the question . We have developed Basketball Workouts that are no frills and 10 minutes in duration working on a specific aspect of the game. The video follows our techniques showing you actively what to do. Go to the products section to view them to purchase.
The ability to sign up online for The Player’s Edge weekly programs in the fall and other times of the year, and the half- day -full day programs for youngsters in Kindergarten through 12th grades. Our website will work to provide the player the fundamentals, life skills, footwork, injury prevention, and educating them on the rules, scenarios and situations that will help in the mental development of the game.

For the Coach


The Players Edge provides information for all types of coaches. Coaches clinics at your school !!Our site will work to provide content to improve your program; drills, life skills, program changers, and game situations you may have not thought of. Pass the word and get an assist in helping your players get stronger and improve conditioning.

For the Parent


Check out our Parents page where each month parents can learn ways to help their players get in the game and learn life skills in the process. Our website will work to provide you the resources that can help your son or daughter in their game, their life and assist you in coaching them.

Injury Prevention


People of all ages, weekend athletes and individuals who are recovering from injury can benefit from our expertise. Knowledge can be powerful. Learn to prevent and get the proper care of injuries to keep your youngsters in the GAME...

Energy - Passion - Purpose can produce wonderful things!!

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